How To: Swim like a water polo player

Swim like a water polo player

If you want to learn how to do the Water Polo Position Drills this is for you. The water polo swimming position is important because it allows you to quickly and easily change your support in the water with little head movement. When you are swimming make sure that you are high in the water. When swimming make sure that there is a 180 degree parallel cycling. When the entry hand is about to enter the water the exiting hand should be about to exit. When the entry hand enters the water the exiting hand exits the water. This allows continuous support. There is no glide in the swimming position and the strokes are quick. If there is up and down head movement you are swimming incorrectly. The strokes must be even above and below the water for this swimming position to work. Once the swimmer reaches the wall return to the opposite wall using freestyle.

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